It would seem that such a simple lesson is coloring pictures, and what contribution it makes to the development of the baby!

Undoubtedly, the main benefit that children’s coloring books bring is the development of fine motor skills and the preparation of a hand for writing.

What else is useful for children’s coloring?

    1. The kid learns to choose the right colors, to combine and combine them, and this contributes to the formation and manifestation of taste.
    2. In the process of coloring, the little one remembers the forms well, namely, how this or that character or object is drawn.
    3. Using coloring books, the child demonstrates his artistic abilities, expresses himself.
    4. Such an activity well disciplines the baby, teaches you to diligently perform monotonous work.
    5. Drawing pictures develops skills such as bringing the job to the end, being assiduous, accurate, attentive, independent.
    6. Children’s coloring books help tiny fidgets calm down, relax and plunge into the world of fantasy.
    7. Coloring pictures helps the child learn how to focus.
    8. It is proved that children who have a well-developed imagination are able to come up with various stories, so they do not lend themselves to such problems as childhood depression. And drawing and painting well develop the imagination and learn to use it.
    9. Coloring is an excellent tool for spending time together between children and parents, because adults are also not averse to relaxing and morally relaxing. And such joint creativity brings together well, calms the nervous system, allows you to escape from various disturbing thoughts.
    10. With the help of coloring, you can learn not only colors, but also letters, geometric shapes, numbers.
    11. Today, a large selection of colors is presented, for example, with stickers, drafts, strokes, strokes, which contribute to the development of a child at different ages.
    12. Coloring is a great way to switch the child’s attention from many problems and stressful situations.